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New social network serves student entrepreneurs

By Steve Lewis
Published: June 30th, 2009

Two students at the New York University Stern School of Business and a former MySpace IT director have started FledgeWing, a new social network that aims to connect aspiring student entrepreneurs with one another as well as with mentors, investors, and industry professionals. The service includes indexed articles, events, jobs, schools, companies, and student organizations. In addition, would-be entrepreneurs are given opportunities to present their projects, find mentors, and submit case studies. Students present brief descriptions of their projects along with goals and objectives. Others may leave comments or request to join the project. The case studies are presented as business challenges within the tech/social media world and range from the creation of a retail outlet for Microsoft to the development of a business model for Twitter. Students are encouraged to submit their case studies as comments, attaching any necessary documents to validate or clarify their POV (point of view). The site also has been categorized by areas of interest, and different forums, students, mentors, and companies appear in each category.

Co-founder Lewis Drummond says his team is “bringing together the brightest and most creative minds during a time when the entire structure of business is changing. The site has a large database of mentors, companies, and jobs…. FledgeWing also regularly hosts all-expenses paid networking events … along with business plan competitions with cash prizes. Entrepreneurial clubs can participate in and host forums, while a feedback-style rating system and comprehensive intellectual property agreement ensure quality control and legal protection for both users and club moderators. Additionally, clubs can create events and have a place for users to collaborate together on specific projects.” In addition to bridging the gap between professional and student entrepreneurialism, the site also intends to encourage more cooperation and collaboration between student entrepreneurs and supporting organizations at different universities.

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  • Simon

    Interesting. Hopefully it doesn’t serve too large of a distraction. But using such services can help them be comfortable with social networking and social media enough to go ahead and use it for marketing (with Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and AdWido, for example) — something especially cost-effective these days.

  • Sean

    Do you know the reasons why shut down in 2013?

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