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Technology Transfer Tactics, April 2010 Issue

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Technology Transfer Tactics,
Vol. 4, No. 4 (pp 49-64) April 2010

  • Kauffman controversy continues, future remains uncertain. The title of a jam-packed Debate Forum at the recent AUTM meeting in New Orleans was “Role of Inventors in Negotiating License Transactions,” but all the attendees knew what it was really about.
  • Reap the benefits but avoid the pitfalls of provisional patent applications. Legal experts emphasize that shoddily prepared PPAs can come back to haunt TTOs later on in the game.
  • Ten steps to fold social media into your TTO’s marketing mix. For the generation old enough to remember, developing a web home page was once the center of debate when technological advances changed how the world communicates. Is it worth the effort? Now the focus is on social networking and web 2.0-facitliated communications opportunities.
  • ‘10 keys to enlightenment’ for becoming a skillful contract negotiator. “Negotiating is not a skill,” said Robert S. MacWright, PhD, JD, as he opened up a session at the recent AUTM meeting in New Orleans entitled ‘The Art Form We Call Negotiation.’ “You could read 50 books on negotiating and still not know how to do it, because there is no standard way to negotiate.”
  • Economist makes research-based case against Kauffman proposal for “free agent” faculty. Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies in the Department of Economics at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, produced a white paper focused on using published research — rather than opinion and anecdote — to inform the U.S. Commerce Department’s current examination of university commercialization activity, and its search for improvements.
  • Heard in the Halls: AUTM 2010
  • Purdue program matches angel investors with university start-ups. The Purdue University technology commercialization community hopes to match angel investors with at least half of the dozen or so start-ups it launches each year through a new program called the P3 Alliance.

Posted April 16th, 2010