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Create more effective video marketing content

By Steve Lewis
Published: February 27th, 2012

Ydraw, an animation video firm, offers these tips for creating successful video marketing content:

  • Film your products in action: Video is a powerful marketing tool for demonstrating products and services, and showing rather than telling how they work and how your customer will benefit, says Ydraw. “Informed customers are much more likely to invest in a product when they completely understand it.”
  • Be testimonial-friendly: Always use testimonials from clients and fans, rating the company for experience, telling how the company has helped them and changed their lives, and comparing it with other companies, says Ydraw.
  • Introduce your staff:  “This can create a great bond with customers, especially if they are cartoon based; it can make a company seem warm and inviting with personality and a sense of humor,” says the firm.
  • Call to action: Within the video, “add a process for customers to get to know how to connect with your company for more information, and what the next step would be for them to interact,” says Ydraw.
  • Relax:  “Don’t make the video script too complicated; try to keep it brief,” advises Ydraw. “Make sure to have two or three key points in a video, ones that are most important to the company above all else, and keep it simple.”

Source: PR Web

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