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Use these strategies to improve your content marketing

By Steve Lewis
Published: February 27th, 2012

“Creating great content and then disseminating it online is a fantastic way for businesses to brand themselves, advertise goods and services, establish expertise/thought leadership, and aid search engine optimization through link-building,” says Jon Gelberg, the chief content officer at Blue Fountain Media, a leading web design, development, and marketing company based in New York. Gelberg offers the following tips on how to plan, staff, and execute your content marketing campaign:

What’s your core message? “Some businesses make the mistake of creating content just for the sake of creating content,” notes Gelberg. “Before you embark on a content marketing campaign you need to assess what knowledge you possess and whether there is an online audience for it. Ask yourself: ‘What messages am I most qualified to deliver?’ And then ask an even more important question: ‘Will that message drive business?’”

Who is my target audience and where is that audience online? Even if you create the greatest messaging in the world, it will do you no good unless you deliver it to the right people, Gelberg continues, adding that the larger the audience you want to reach, the more expensive it is and the more diffuse your message should be. “It is far more effective to either deliver a single message to a highly targeted audience or to create several messages, each designed to target a specific audience,” he notes. “Target a narrow audience so that you can offer specific knowledge that will be most useful to that particular group.”

Create outstanding content. “If you are going to promote your products, explain your services, or just provide information of interest and use to your target audience, then make sure you are either a strong writer yourself or you employ a talented copywriter,” Gelberg advises. “Poorly written articles or badly produced videos can be extremely damaging to you and your brand. Also, keep in mind that if you plan to use content as a marketing tool, then you must be committed to providing a steady stream. One article or video is not a content strategy … it is a shot in the dark.”

Focus on ROI. “Your main goal always should be to grow your business; great content should not just get the attention of your audience, but encourage that audience to learn more about you and, ultimately, do business with you,” says Gelberg. “Remember, you’re not writing as a journalist. You are writing as a marketer. Don’t ever forget that distinction.”


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