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Technology Transfer Tactics, January 2013 Issue

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Technology Transfer Tactics,
Vol. 7, No. 1, January 2013

  • U Rochester becomes crowdfunding trailblazer as two funded technologies ready for market. Crowdfunding is still in its infancy — particularly for university technologies — but the University of Rochester (NY) has already successfully funded the very early commercialization phase of two technologies with the help of Innovocracy, a company started for just that purpose.
  • Coordinated PR effort lands university TTOs on the front page. Landing your story on the front page of a daily newspaper is a PR professionals’ dream; as rare as that achievement is, the fact that Georgia’s research universities accomplished it recently is that much more impressive given the relatively low profile tech transfer is generally afforded by the media.
  • TTO turns to outside firm to auction off older patents. It’s not always a straight line from invention to commercialization — and sometimes you have to get very creative in finding a pathway that leads to the marketplace.
  • Oklahoma POC center aims to pool resources, create a state-level commercialization engine. Most TTOs are naturally focused on commercializing IP developed by students and faculty within their own institutions, but there appears to be growing appreciation for a more collaborative approach — at least within states or regions. The latest example of this trend is in Oklahoma, where the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, i2E – a non-profit focused on nurturing new companies in the state — and Cowboy Technologies, LLC, have banded together to create the Oklahoma Proof of Concept Center.
  • Guest Column: Five New Year’s Resolutions to make 2013 the Year of Technology Transfer.
  • Co-development model aims to attract more industry partnerships. Money doesn’t flow from the federal government like it used to, so universities are looking for new ways to attract funding from industry sources.

Posted January 17th, 2013