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Invention Ranch Partnering Opportunity: a Collaborative Early-Stage Product Projects Group

Posted on March 17th, 2013

“The Invention Ranch” is envisioned as a collaboration of allied consultants in complementary disciplines within the product commercialization field, inclusive of market and technical development.  Consultants  reside and work from the 60 acre facility in the beautiful wooded Northwest (near Sandpoint, Idaho).  Presently the home of Intellectual Property Development Consultancy (IPD), looking toward assembling a group of independent consultants which mutually benefit from cross-referrals, collaborative projects, and aggregated subject matter expertise under a single arms-length umbrella brand – all of which are attractive marketing tools as well.

IPD offers consulting services in the fields of product commercialization, ideation, productization, market research, and licensing/alliance partnership development.  IPD Consultancy develops intellectual property assets and researches applicable markets for those assets in an effort to understand and validate the highest and best means of applying new innovative tools to commercial challenges.  IPD identifies operating companies within those targeted markets that can gain from such client innovations; and leveraging the intellectual property’s commercial value IPD facilitates placement of the IP assets through patent licensing agreement and alliance partnership.

Whether distancing yourself from the rat-race, semi-retirement, or seeking an interesting sabbatical opportunity, if this concept appeals to you  – let’s talk

For more information about the Invention Ranch concept contact:
Voice (208) 263-0110