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International Patent Litigation: A Country-by-Country Analysis, with 2013 Supplement

Published by Bloomberg BNA
By Michael N. Meller and William O. Hennessey
Publication Date: 2013

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Evaluate patent cases worldwide with this detailed reference on patent litigation laws and practice in 33 countries, Hong Kong, and the European Union.

You can depend on International Patent Litigation: A Country-by-Country Analysis to give you the information you need to accurately anticipate the problems and properly evaluate the issues you will confront while conducting or directing patent litigation abroad. Written by international experts in patent litigation, the section for each country examines key topics such as the rights of the patentee, what constitutes infringement, how claims are interpreted, which courts have jurisdiction, notices that must be served to the infringer, pretrial procedures, types of remedies, types of defenses, and appeals. Each section addresses infringement, doctrines, remedies, parties, interpretations, appeals, pleadings, enforcement, settlements, proceedings, proof, conflicts, pretrial/trial Procedure, and defenses.

The Cumulative Supplement to International Patent Litigation expands the coverage of this treatise, offering new and updated information on countries, such as: 

  • Finland and South Africa, where courts’ receptivity toward the grant interlocutory injunctions in patent infringement cases is changing;
  • Hong Kong, and the new requirement that parties file detailed answers to questions on case management topics, such as attempts for settlement, numbers of witnesses, the use of experts, pre-trial and trial scheduling, and others, according to a strict timetable;
  • Sweden, for which new statistics are provided on the overall number of infringement and revocation proceedings and the number of cases that proceed to trial;
  • Israel, and the revisions to the patent law regarding patent term extensions for pharmaceutical products and changes to compulsory license practices in the wake of the TRIPS Agreement;
  • Pakistan, for which statistics are provided highlighting the changes in the use of patent opposition proceedings by generic drug companies and specific procedures for criminal and civil enforcement of patents are detailed.
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