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Pharmaceutical Patent Law, Second Edition, with 2014 Cumulative Supplement

Published by Bloomberg BNA
By John R. Thomas
Publication Date: 2014
856 pages

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A comprehensive review of the critical issues at the intersection of patent law and food and drug law.

This valuable resource takes on the complicated tasks of tracking legal developments within the PTO, the FDA, Congress, the courts, the FTC, the Department of Justice, and the WTO. This is the only source available with a detailed, practitioner-oriented treatment of pharmaceutical patent law from the perspectives of both patent law and food and drug laws.

The Second Edition of Pharmaceutical Patent Law also provides complete coverage of advanced topics, including the antitrust implications of patent settlements, the experimental use privilege, and international aspects of the field. It not only reviews current issues of importance, but also reflects the impact of the new patent reform law on pharmaceutical patents and identifies topics, such as parallel importation and authorized generics. This is the ideal reference for practitioners looking for detailed guidance on pharmaceutical patent law in an easy-to-use format.

The 2014 Cumulative Supplement covers the following significant developments:

  • Supreme Court decisions pertaining to claim definiteness, inducement of infringement, the award of attorney’s fees, and patentable subject matter
  • The Court of Appeals’ decisions regarding obviousness and double patenting
  • The Food and Drug Administration’s drafted guidance indicating a more generous interpretation of new chemical entity exclusivity, granting five years of regulatory exclusivity to combination therapies where the therapy includes at least one new drug substance
  • Canada’s “promise of the patent” doctrine and international agreements

About the Publisher

Technology Transfer Tactics is proud to partner with Bloomberg BNA Books to bring our customers access to this comprehensive and authoritative resource. All Bloomberg BNA Books are written by respected experts with extensive experience in patent law and IP licensing. These renowned authors draw from their wealth of professional expertise and in-depth research to deliver the most highly regarded editorial quality in the industry.

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