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Building Biotech Technology Transfer Opportunities

Published by Business Insights
Format: PDF, Print
Publication Date: March 2010
137 pages

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Over the next five years, the role of biotechnology in drug development is expected to expand strongly as biotech drug sales rise by 17.7% per year while small molecule drug sales grow by just 2.9% annually.

Drug developers have long been under pressure to introduce new products in an environment of escalating R&D costs, blockbuster patent expiration and resulting generic competition.

Current weak economic conditions have exacerbated these challenges with sweeping R&D staff and budget reductions. In order to remain competitive, drug makers must now do more with less.

Technology transfer, particularly of new biotechnologies that offer novel means to address unmet medical needs, offer a way to cost effectively address these challenges. They also provide technology developers with a mechanism to monetize their inventions.

With the detailed case studies, budget reduction strategies, and an overview of common mistakes to avoid, you’ll be able to use Building Biotech Technology Transfer Opportunities to…

  • Understand the driving forces behind biotech technology transfer.
  • Save time and money with the report’s succinct compilation and analysis of current biotech technology transfer trends.
  • Learn how biotech technology transfer will evolve over the next several years and why.
  • Assess your competitive position vis-à-vis other technology sponsors or technology developers and learn about biotech technology transfer best practices via detailed case studies.
  • Understand the reasons behind biotech technology transfer success and failure.
  • Develop strategies to optimize your biotech technology transfer methodologies and protocols.

Take a look at some of the key issues covered in Building Biotech Technology Transfer Opportunities

  • The drug development industry is undergoing a significant change which may permanently re-shape product development activities. Many industry experts believe the industry is shrinking; at the very least, the focus is shifting from large in-house research teams to smart approaches, strategic outsourcing and technology transfer.
  • Although cost cutting has previously not been a concern for R&D departments, the current economic environment has brought expense reduction programs into research labs. Most of the leading drug makers have recently undertaken and/or are currently in the midst of broad R&D cost cutting programs.
  • Biotechnology offers a means to address unmet medical needs, particularly via personalized medicine, which small molecule approaches do not. With more than 3,500 biotech drug companies around the world, many have developed unique technologies and approaches to drug development.
  • Because drug makers must continue to introduce new products, maintaining high productivity is the key. Biotech technology transfer offers a means to achieve this by providing technology sponsors with access to new technologies.
  • Many biotech technology transfer sponsors maintain relationships with a multitude of technology developers. The savviest sponsors utilize a comprehensive, deliberate approach while many others enter and manage biotech technology transfer relationships in a slipshod, ineffective fashion that results in high project failure rates.
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