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Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, Global Edition

Published by Business Valuation Resources, LLC
Format: Print, PDF
80 pages

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Royalty Rate Benchmarking GuideGet unprecedented insight and clarity on IP licensing transactions in 25 industries

The Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, Global Edition, gives you a comprehensive look at royalty rates and deal structure trends from select industries – a must-have for organizations dependent upon successful licensing transactions in the global marketplace.

You’ll receive global licensing royalty rates and analysis for 25+ industries, each complete with 9 subcategories filled with valuable data and expert insight. You can also benchmark your licensing agreements against royalty rates for the past 10 years.

Ensure the Success of Your License Agreements with Royalty Rate Data and Deal Structure Trends

Deriving an accurate IP portfolio valuation can pose a significant challenge. Transactional insight and clear-cut methodology are hard to come by, and the research required to gather the specific, detailed data is time-consuming and costly at best. But in the pages of Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, Global Edition, you’ll get a comprehensive look at exclusive royalty rates and deal-structure trends from select industries through 2015.

The 25+ industries featured in the guide include royalty rate data and analysis organized by:

  • Median royalty rate
  • Industry highlights and observations
  • Industry royalty rate trends
  • Industry marketing intangibles analysis
  • Industry patent/technology intangibles analysis
  • Industry combination intangibles
  • Agreement type analysis
  • Geographic analysis
  • Summary of agreements for industry

The critical real-world data and analysis in this one-of-a-kind resource will help you to derive a realistic and fair royalty rate or IP valuation that will ensure you receive optimum value for your intellectual property.

With this unique report you can benchmark your license agreements and royalty rate for 25+ industries including:

  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Broadcast and Cable
  • Business Services
  • Chemicals
  • Computers: Hardware and Software
  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Non-Durables
  • Consumer Services
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental Waste & Management
  • Financial Services
  • Foods and Nonalcoholic Beverages
  • Healthcare: Facilities
  • Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare: Products and Supplies
  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery
  • Internet
  • Oil & Gas, Mining, Metals
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Equipment

Two Widely Respected and Experienced Teams Join Together to Bring You this Benchmarking Guide

Technology Transfer Tactics is proud to partner with two expert organizations to bring you the Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide – Global Edition. Business Valuation Resources, LLC (BVR), is publisher of newsletters, research studies, directories, and more. Every top business valuation firm depends on BVR for authoritative market data, continuing professional education, and expert opinion. ktMINE is an interactive intellectual property database that provides direct access to royalty rates, actual license agreements, and detailed agreement summaries. With precise search functionality and data mining capabilities, ktMINE helps practitioners quickly find and analyze market comparables from over 15,000 IP license agreements with over 60,000 royalty rates.

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