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Home Run Strategies: Finding, Nurturing, and Securing Maximum Revenues from Disruptive University Technologies

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Originally presented: November 12, 2009

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Statistics don’t lie, the saying goes. And when it comes to the time, money and effort spent on patenting and licensing university IP, there’s one real eye-opener: Just a few technologies out of the thousands patented and licensed each year account for 95% of the revenues generated by research commercialization activity. In your entire portfolio, there may be one or two technologies that could become part of this select group — a “home run” that delivers big royalty or equity dollars for years to come.

These elusive big winners, regardless of the market or type of product, almost always share one common characteristic — they are disruptive technologies that are game-changing in their space. In the current environment, it only makes sense to spend more of your limited time and resources identifying, protecting, nurturing, and bringing these home runs to market. That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics Distance Learning Division has scheduled a breakthrough audioconference that will highlight Canada’s leader in information and communication innovation, and its proven model for nurturing disruptive technologies.

TRLabs’ Vice President of Research, Rainer Iraschko, PhD, will reveal the factors that dictate its commitment to nurturing select disruptive technologies, review the lessons learned in development and commercialization efforts, and delve into the inner workings of the organization’s “Disruptive Technology Challenge.”

You’ll walk away from this 90-minute program knowing:

  • How to identify which emerging sectors are prime for disruptive research and development
  • The details of TRLabs’ innovation roadmap for disruptive technology success
  • How effective industry partnerships can aid in your efforts
  • Which innovations could meet the “disruptive” label by following a project proposal checklist
  • How to adapt the “Disruptive Technology Challenge” — how and why it was formed, what challenges TRLabs faced, and the lessons they learned in implementation
  • Steps to creating an effective “disruptive team” including researchers, tech transfer staff, marketing and sales, and VC and Angel investors.

About Your Speaker

Dr. Rainer Iraschko, Vice President Research
Dr. Rainer Iraschko holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. Upon graduation in 1997, Dr. Iraschko joined MCI’s Network Technology Development group. Here he investigated methods to increase the survivability and efficiency of MCI’s North American transport network. When WorldCom bought MCI, Dr. Iraschko moved to Silicon Valley to launch ONI Systems. As Senior System and Network Architect, Dr. Iraschko was involved in the design and development of ONI’s optical transport equipment. Within 3 years he helped ONI grow from a small start-up to a public company. Dr. Iraschko left ONI in 2001 to open an office in Calgary, Canada for Network Photonics Inc. Two years later he started AccessNetware Inc, a company focused on delivering broadband access solutions. In 2004, Dr. Iraschko joined TELUS’ Technology Strategy team as an Optical Networking Strategist responsible for defining a strategy for the evolution of TELUS’ transport network.

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