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ktMINE Royalty Rate Database: 1-Day Pass

Published by ktMINE

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Price: $495
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ktMINE logoThrough a new partnership between Technology Transfer Tactics and ktMINE, you now have access to this incredibly powerful royalty rate and license agreement database – without paying thousands of dollars or committing to an ongoing, costly agreement.

Fast, convenient, accessible royalty rate data only when you need it, without the budget-busting price.

Introducing ktMINE’s
1-Day Pass – just $495 

Take a look at what you’ll receive with your 24-hour pass to the ktMINE royalty rate and license agreement database:

  • Unlimited access to 100,000+ license agreements
  • Search over 60,000 royalty rates to find what’s relevant to your needs
  • Connect royalty rates with the license agreements they relate to as well as the companies in the market space you’re researching
  • Take your analysis offline with up to 25 data exports into Excel
  • Save full-text agreements directly to your computer
  • Get actionable analytics from our analysis center
  • Create your own alert setting that will be monitored up to 90 after your 1-day pass is activated

With the high-powered ktMINE search functionality, using simple keywords or advanced Boolean logic, you can access over 60,000 royalty rates and 100,000 licensing deals, filtering out the “noise” that complicates most royalty rate research. Rates are linked to license agreements in most cases, allowing you to see the details behind the rates listed.

The database also includes linked information on companies in the market space you’re researching, allowing you to find potential partners and competitors.  


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The ktMINE 1-Day Pass will save you time and give you access to the world’s most powerful royalty rate and license agreement database – at a price you can afford!

The records in the ktMINE Royalty Rate and License Agreement database are continuously captured through the an advanced data mining engine and reviewed by expert analysts so you’ll find the most current rates and agreements available:

  • Find comparable transactions to determine a fair royalty rate
  • See upfront and milestone payments for comparable technologies
  • Access full royalty rate and market rate data in one platform
  • Identify current market participants and track new players
  • Track new developments in your technology area
  • Utilize ktMINE summary information and quickly determine comparability

And to save you time, ktMINE provides you with a succinct profile highlighting the most important information in each license agreement. But don’t worry — you also have access to full-text license agreements if needed.

Easy Ordering, Easy Access, Instant Results

Accessing the ktMINE Royalty Rate and License Agreement database is simple. CLICK HERE to place your order and proceed with your payment. Within 24 hours you will receive instructions on how to access your 24-hour pass, along with an activation code. Whenever you decide the day and time you wish to gain access to the database, you enter your code and your 24-hours will start. You can use it right away – or wait until another day. Whenever you decide to use it, your 1-day pass is there!

LOCK in Your 1-Day Pass NOW for Just $495!

Use it now or use it later!  Just don’t miss this opportunity to purchase your 1-day (24-hour access) to this comprehensive royalty rate and license agreement database. There is no other resource available where you can search 60,000 + royalty rates, access agreement summaries, and evaluate full transaction details – for the low price of only $495.

Technology Transfer Tactics partners with the experienced ktMINE team to bring you access to this powerful database

ktMINE has been mining, organizing, and providing access to intangible asset data since 2007. The ktMINE intellectual property database provides direct access to royalty rates, actual license agreements, and detailed agreement summaries. With precise search functionality, ktMINE lets you quickly find and analyze market comparables from over 100,000 license agreements containing over 60,000 royalty rates.

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