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Find comparable royalty rates for valuing or licensing intangible assets in just minutes
Published by RoyaltyStat
Format: Online Database Tool

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Price: $6,000 Annual Subscription
Includes unlimited searching & 100 agreement downloads
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RoyaltyStat is the premier subscription database, containing over 16,500 easily searchable license agreements from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Canada’s SEDAR. Every license agreement in RoyaltyStat contains at least one numerical royalty rate or license fee – and the database is continuously updated every business day. No other source offers the comprehensive database, quick search engine, and powerful analytical tools of RoyaltyStat.

How RoyaltyStat Works

RoyaltyStat is the most reliable source for comprehensive license agreement data, combined with powerful analytical tools and prompt customer assistance. Simple to use, subscribers search online by keyword, agreement type, or by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code to find comparable royalty rates and the full-text of license agreements. The annual subscription means RoyaltyStat is there whenever you need it, at your fingertips, and allows you up to 100 full agreement downloads.

As a subscriber to RoyaltyStat, you’ll eliminate hundreds of research hours you would otherwise spend combing countless sources to get the specific industry data you need. Instead, you’ll have 24/7 anytime access to specialized royalty rate data – so you can get with market comparables and benchmarks in a matter of minutes. This convenient, comprehensive tool provides all the documentation and data you need for benchmarking, contract negotiating, valuing intellectual property, and more.

Royalty Rate Data That Adds Up…

Reliable Rate Data + Full Original Documentation
= Comparables that Withstand Audit and Litigation

An annual subscription provides up to 100 full-text license agreement downloads, including our exclusive Royalty Tableau complete with information about the licensor, licensee, property description, royalty rate, exclusivity, duration, and the territory covered by the license. It also provides summary statistics of the selected royalty rates and several exploratory graphs, including frequency distribution, royalty rate vs. duration, and royalty rate vs. territory. Every license agreement in RoyaltyStat provides at least one royalty rate or license fee, and each agreement has been carefully analyzed for content and includes: licensor, licensee, type of agreement, territory, exclusivity, and lump sum payments. In addition:

  • Summary rate statistics include: Maximum, Minimum, Median, Average, Quartiles
  • Statistical analysis can be performed on the fly, so you can examine “what-if” scenarios by changing the dataset
  • All results can be exported to Excel for further analysis, adjustments and presentation
  • Validity testing can be performed for frequency, duration, territory, and exclusivity

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As a RoyaltyStat subscriber, you’ll benefit by:

  • Quickly and easily finding market comparables and rate benchmarks
  • Ensuring compliance with tax laws required for arm’s length intercompany transactions
  • Determining buy-in payments for cost-sharing arrangements under transfer pricing regulations
  • Establishing purchase price allocations (Class IV assets acquisition under IRS section 1060)
  • Establishing damages in intellectual property disputes
  • Valuing intangible property for start-ups, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, bankruptcy, and other transactions

Leading Tax Authorities Rely on RoyaltyStat

The IRS Economics Group is a RoyaltyStat subscriber and relies on the database for transfer pricing compliance and establishing the value of intangibles. Other leading tax authority subscribers include the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Mexico’s Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT), and the Danish Tax Department.

Accessing the specialized data you need is as simple as 1-2-3

There are 3 easy steps to follow to access your data:

  1. Search the database containing the license agreements that have been reviewed, analyzed, classified, and summarized by experienced editors. Search by licensor, licensee, property description, territory, SIC, agreement type, or full text.
  2. Select comparables from an easy-to-read summary table and test results by frequency, duration, territory, and exclusivity of the license agreements.
  3. View a statistical summary of royalty rates, including quartiles.

When you are satisfied with your search results you simply print the supporting documentation including Summary Statistics and Charts, Individual License Summaries, SEC Filing Documents, and Original License Agreements.

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