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IP Attorneys – See below for the latest CLE-approved webinars from our partner Strafford Publications.

Founded in 1984, Strafford Publications, Inc. is a leading national publisher of specialized information services. Tech Transfer Central is now pleased to feature the following upcoming webinars from Strafford. Please click the titles for more information (links will take you to our partner’s site):

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Challenging Patents in IPR: Strategies for Filing Petitions

A live CLE webinar on Thursday, August 4 @ 1:00pm EDT

An inter partes review (IPR) procedure provides a path to challenge the validity of a patent that is often a faster, cheaper and more likely way to invalidate the patent. However, potential challengers must carefully weigh several factors when considering whether to filing a petition. An IPR proceeding that results in a final written decision will bar the petitioner from raising any grounds for invalidity in the future that were raised or reasonably could have been raised. Further, if an IPR is not instituted, a district court will likely give weight to that if the matter is in litigation.  Click here for more information >> 

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Navigating Patent Eligibility: Leveraging New USPTO Guidance and the Enfish and TLI Communications Decisions

A live CLE webinar on Wednesday, August 17 @ 1:00pm EDT

In May 2016, the Federal Circuit issued two decisions that provide guidance on patent eligbility. In Enfish v. Microsoft Corp. (May 12, 2016), the Federal Circuit held the claims of software patents directed to a logical structure for a computer database were patent-eligible under 35 U.S.C §101. The court gave long-awaited direction regarding the application of step one of the Alice test regarding whether a claim is abstract.  Click here for more information >> 

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Structuring Patent Indemnification Provisions

A live CLE webinar on Thursday, August 25 @ 1:00pm EDT

Indemnification provisions are often overlooked but are a critical part of any patent agreement. Effective drafting and negotiation of indemnification provisions are key to protecting business interests and minimizing litigation costs.  Click here for more information >> 

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