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IP Attorneys – See below for the latest CLE-approved webinars from our partner Strafford Publications.

Founded in 1984, Strafford Publications, Inc. is a leading national publisher of specialized information services. Tech Transfer Central is now pleased to feature the following upcoming webinars from Strafford. Please click the titles for more information (links will take you to our partner’s site):

Challenging Pending Patent Applications: When, Where and What Type

A live CLE webinar on Thursday, May 26 @ 1:00pm EDT/em>

When attacking the patentability of a pending patent application, challengers should have a strategy for the timing and potential ramifications of the action. In a pending application, any third party “may submit for consideration” “any patent, published patent application, or other printed publication.” While both preissuance submissions and protests permit a challenge to disclosure, novelty and nonobviousness, they are governed by different rules, which may impact the decision about which path, if any, to take.  Click here for more information >> 

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Overcoming §103 Rejections for Biotech and Chemical Patents: Leveraging Recent Decisions and USPTO Guidance

A live CLE webinar on Thursday, June 9 @ 1:00pm EDT

Obviousness is one of the hurdles for patent applicants in securing a patent on inventions. An obviousness determination is complex, and examiners regularly reject patent claims as obvious under Sec. 103 in view of a combination of prior art. For clients who receive a Sec. 103 rejection, counsel’s response should be part of a well-thought-out strategy taking into account the possibility of later court and PTO challenges. For example, counsel should carefully craft the response to minimize or eliminate prosecution history estoppel. Click here for more information >> 

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