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Format: Live webinar, DVD or Online Video

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IP Attorneys – See below for the latest CLE-approved webinars from our partner Strafford Publications.

Founded in 1984, Strafford Publications, Inc. is a leading national publisher of specialized information services. Tech Transfer Central is now pleased to feature the following upcoming webinars from Strafford. Please click the titles for more information (links will take you to our partner’s site):

Venue Transfer Strategies in Patent Litigation: How Will TC Heartland Change the Landscape?

A live CLE webinar on Thursday, March 17 @ 1:00pm EDT

Last year saw a 15% increase over 2014 in new patent lawsuits filed in federal district courts. Venue considerations in patent litigation present a critical decision for counsel–whether to transfer the case to another venue that has more advantageous patent rules or a reputation for awarding bigger damages.  Click here for more information >> 

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Structuring Patent Licensing Agreements: Avoiding Litigation, Allocating Risk and Maximizing Patent Value

A live CLE webinar on Thursday, March 24 @ 1:00pm EDT

Companies are turning to their patent portfolios to increase its value through monetization or other strategic initiatives. A successful licensing program can significantly raise a company’s valuation, but the licensing and enforcement environment has become more challenging. To take full advantage of the value of its patents, companies use licensing to direct competitors and companies in related industries to generate additional revenue.  Click here for more information >> 

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