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Try a ‘hybrid’ marketing approach

By Steve Lewis
Published: July 7th, 2009

Despite all the hype about social networks, marketers should not disregard traditional media altogether, says blogger Eric Tsai, a veteran creative director and brand manager. Rather, he advises, “combine traditional media with social media to form an integrated strategy, or the ‘hybrid marketing’ model.” In the hybrid model, he explains, “The key is to have a fluid approach in creating a meaningful dialog with your market. Instead of focusing on what marketing tactics to use, strategize on aligning your brand strategy with your business goals and view social media as one of the arsenal to choose from.” There is still a place for traditional media, Tsai insists. “It will continue to evolve based on how we act and react to technology. However, it won’t be technology that drives the outcome of the new media, but the cultural value of intellectual property and how it gets produced and consumed.”

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