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Reap the Benefits of a Strong Post-License Monitoring System

Most licensees act in good faith and strive to abide by their contractual obligations. But the fact remains that the majority — intentionally or not — fail to pay their full royalties due, use dubious accounting methods and creative definitions, or otherwise fail to honor the terms of their license agreement. Under-reporting of royalties, failure to support the IP as promised, re-interpretation of definitions, sublicensing arrangements, and financial hardship are just some of the common reasons TTOs and their faculty frequently get short-changed. If your post-license monitoring system is less than optimal, you are almost certainly letting real dollars slip through the cracks — dollars that could be put to good use in your office, and dollars that your faculty inventors and university deserve. That’s why our Distance Learning Division has invited three experts to show you how to create a systematic auditing process while maintaining positive relationships with licensees. Join us on Tuesday, November 29th for an in-depth webinar filled with practical and usable takeaways: Reap the Benefits of a Strong Post-License Monitoring System. Along with detailed guidance on establishing a more effective and airtight monitoring program, our faculty will also outline the specific steps, after a problem comes to light, you must take to protect your IP and collect your rightful share of royalty payments. For complete program and faculty details and to register, CLICK HERE.


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