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Technology Transfer Tactics, June 2013 Issue

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Technology Transfer Tactics
Vol. 7, No. 6, June 2013

  • In policy shift, commercialization activity will factor into promotion and tenure. In a unanimous vote, the University of Arizona Faculty Senate recently approved changes to the institution’s P&T criteria that not only remove the traditional barriers to innovative work, but also recognize such activities as important when making P&T decisions.
  • Jumpstart industry-sponsored research by reducing IP barriers. In March, two Iowa universities announced that they would tackle the IP issue by offering for-profit companies an exclusive licensing option for research sponsorships.
  • In bid to get IP off the shelf, Purdue policy deems “automatic reconveyance” after six months. Technology transfer officials at Purdue University have tweaked the school’s patent “reconveyance” policy, firming up the time frame for returning patents to inventors when the official commercialization apparatus takes a pass.
  • Individual research labs developing web sites with a focus on attracting industry. The typical research lab’s website is not exactly a marketer’s dream. You’re likely to see dense descriptions of scientific endeavors and a few press releases about the latest research paper — not the stuff to attract hordes of page views and attention from “customers.”
  • New Creighton TTO director outlines his formula for success. What does it take to develop a successful TTO, or dramatically improve an existing one? Lee Taylor, JD, LLM, MBA, who recently assumed the position of TTO director at Creighton University, has brought with him a number of creative ideas that he believes will lay a strong foundation for an effective tech transfer operation.
  • ‘National Advisory Board’ guidance spurs important initiatives for U Michigan. While most TTO advisory boards are local, the University of Michigan instead relies on what it calls its “National Advisory Board.”

Posted June 20th, 2013