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9 social media moves you shouldn’t miss

By David Schwartz
Published: July 10th, 2013

In his recent article for Mashable, Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, offers nine key elements for a company’s social strategy, gathered from a handful of young innovators. “The devil’s in the details,” Gerber writes. Missing out on a single move can throw off your entire effort and make you look unskilled online. The following are some of the smallest yet most important moves needed to solidify a good social strategy:

  1. Link to your website. Make it easy for interested people to find out more about your company, namely by embedding your website link on all of your social media pages.
  2. Retargeting. That is, tracking specific leads around the web from something as simple as a Facebook or Twitter post. Retargeting helps serve your potential customers the specific messages that would most likely win them over.
  3. Focus your social media effort. Rather than scrapping to get your name in every social media outlet available, focus on just a couple and use them well. You’ll get higher engagement and lower cost for conversions.
  4. E-mail is still king. E-mail messages are still the easiest way to connect with your customers one on one. Customers who get e-mails are also more likely to share updates across other channels like Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Don’t ignore YouTube. Namely for its related video suggestions, which are almost as effective as buying ad space on the same page. Plus, most web browsers automatically pull up videos when performing a general search, and not having a video presence means missing out on people stumbling upon your organization.
  6. Keep original content flowing. Some small businesses think it’s a resource drain, but at the end of the day original content demonstrates your value proposition and drives valuable user actions.
  7. Maintain a personal blog. Do it for the simple reason that it makes your company more human and tangible.
  8. Don’t forget Facebook targeting. On your Facebook admin pages, take advantage of the targeting software that directs your posts to a desired  demographic.
  9. Make your employees your advocates. Include your employees in the company’s social media campaign. This will help build the brand among your team and extend the reach of your messaging.

Source: Mashable

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