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Auburn OTT launches “ready to sign” licensing program

By David Schwartz
Published: July 24th, 2013

Auburn University’s Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) has launched a non-exclusive licensing program offering quick, easy access to many of the patents in the university’s portfolio. The program shows a listing and description of the patents, as well as links to license agreements with pre-defined terms that can simply be signed and submitted to the university for completion.

As shown in similar programs at Stanford University, Emory University, and other schools, this “ready to sign” approach significantly expedites the process of taking select university technologies to market.

“Whether for faculty-based startup formation or for opening up a patent portfolio, rapid licensing is becoming a best practice of the licensing industry,” says Brian Wright, associate director for commercialization in Auburn’s OTT. “Offering up this many patents will make it one of the largest such programs that we are aware of, and we think that the customizable nature of the program will resonate with industry.”

Wright refers to the way the program bundles similar patents into the same licensing package, allowing for customizable agreements where licensees can select only those patents of interest while getting a discount for taking up multiple patents from the same field.

The program currently offers access to 40 issued U.S. patents, from fields including sensors, drug targeting and electronics.

Source: Wire Eagle

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