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New report filled with benchmarks on tech transfer office operations

By Jason Norris
Published: July 24th, 2013

The 2013 edition of Global Higher Education Technology Transfer Office Benchmarks has just been released, filled with completely new data. The survey report provides meaningful benchmarks on TTO budgets, costs, staffing and compensation, marketing, partnerships, outside services, and many other key measures. And it’s 100% focused on the unique operational issues of tech transfer offices. Featuring nearly 400 tables, this unique resource digs deep into TTO operations data and shows how your office compares with colleague TTOs on a wide assortment of critical measures. No other resource provides such an in-depth look into key data so you can compare your numbers and see how you stack up against other TTOs — and use the data to point you to areas for improvement. For complete details and to order, CLICK HERE.

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