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U of Louisville start-up developing radiation-free cancer test

By David Schwartz
Published: August 21st, 2013

A University of Louisville start-up is developing a breakthrough cancer blood test for commercialization. The company is LBIdx, and its test, the Plasma Thermogram, circumvents the danger of radiation brought on by imaging procedures like CT scants by monitoring a simple blood sample. This way, doctors can increase monitoring without necessarily increasing risk, making it easier to update and consult with patients. The test also stands to be an earlier indicator of remission or relapse.

The University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center is collaborating with the start-up to take the test through complete clinical studies for early detection of melanoma. Alfred “Ben” Jenson, professor of vaccinology at the Brown center and co-inventor of pT, says the test has potential as a monitoring tool for a multitude of cancers, including hard-to-detect oral cancers.

Source: PR Newswire

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  • Mike Alder

    We like this technology. We have seen samples of the thermograms they have created and they have amazing correlation to disease conditions. BYU has created a low cost differential scanning calorimeter to be part of their system.

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