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Hebrew U tech transfer arm develops eco-friendly aquarium filter

By David Schwartz
Published: October 30th, 2013

Yissum Research Development Company, the tech transfer arm of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is seeking business partners to help commercialize an eco-friendly water purifier for aquariums.

Developed by professor Amos Nussinovitch from the Department of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, the technology uses certain bacteria as bio-filters that reduce nitrate levels in both fresh water and sea water aquariums; the filters can also be stably stored for years. This improves water quality for a wide variety of aquarium fish, thereby extending their life expectancies.

“There is an increasing demand for aquariums as a hobby and for exotic ornamental fish species that are unable to grow or propagate in water containing high levels of nitrate,” says Yissum CEO Yaacov Michlin. “This novel technology, for decontaminating water from nitrates, is cost-effective, highly efficient and is easily applicable to water purification systems in both fresh water and marine aquariums.

“Furthermore,” Michlin continues, “the denitrifying activity of the beads is sustained for months, and the beads themselves can be adapted according to custom requirements. We believe that this novel solution for purifying aquarium water, that exceeds the performance of current solutions, will be warmly accepted by the market.”

Mussinovitch and his research team are currently testing the technology for treating larger volumes of water and for purifying groundwater wells.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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