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App developed by New Zealand university researcher tells users their risk of having a stroke

By David Schwartz
Published: November 20th, 2013

A researcher at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand has developed an app that can assess the user’s chance of suffering a stroke.

The Stroke Riskometer considers health and lifestyle factors such as drinking, stress, exercise and pre-existing medical conditions and uses an algorithm developed from the world-renowned Framingham Heart Study to present a percentage chance of suffering a stroke in the next five and ten years. The device also compares results with those of an individual of the same age and sex who doesn’t have the same risk factors.

According to the app’s developer Valery Feigin, a professor at the AUT National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neuroscience, the Stroke Riskometer is an easy and reliable tool to assess the risk and motivate users to change their lifestyle for the better. “As people make good choices like exercising more, drinking less alcohol and reducing stress, they can check what impact it has on their risk of suffering a stroke,” she says. “It positively re-enforces the messages from their health professionals.”

One of the app’s merits is that it is geared toward preventing strokes, which is much more effective than treating them. It also would help users avoid other health problems with similar risk factors, such as heart attacks, dementia and cancers.

Commercialized by AUT Enterprises Ltd, the university’s tech transfer arm, the Stroke Riskometer is available for free, though there is a pay version that includes added information and video clips from medical experts. The World Stroke Organization has endorsed the app.

Source: Scoop

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