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National U of Singapore start-up uses big data to give business real-time insights into consumer behavior

A National University of Singapore (NUS) start-up aims to help businesses better access market and consumer insights to keep up with quickly changing consumer behaviors.

The start-up, 6Estates, has spun out of the NUS Tsinghua Extreme Search Centre (NExT), a leading research facility jointly established by NUS and Tsinghua University of China. The company uses big data analytics software to transform huge volumes of structured and unstructured data into insights automatically and in real time.

Why are customers buying or not buying you products? Will a certain social media trend be the next global phenomenon? What insights and actions can you take to improve your brand? These are questions 6Estates aims to help answer for businesses with its software.

“Companies who stay current and have true knowledge of their target audiences are going to be leading the market,” says Gary Chin, co-founder and CEO of 6Estates. “People are increasingly moving to digital platforms and posting massive amounts of their conversations on numerous online sites. By leveraging on 6Estates, businesses that effectively utilize these insights will significantly improve their ROI in marketing campaigns, research initiatives and customer engagement. Traditional means for accessing such knowledge are inadequate to compete in this fast moving consumer market.”

The software is powered by technologies licensed from NUS, including M3 Live, a program that allows 6Estate to gather and analyze multi-lingual, multimedia and multi-source data in real time, and a program that performs automated and intelligent large-scale data gathering, processing and analysis that requires minimal human resources.

“As Singapore moves towards becoming a Smart Nation, gathering and analyzing huge quantities of data resulting in new insights and actionable strategies will become critically important,” says Sean Flanigan, director of the NUS Industry Liaison Office, which helped the company spin out of the university.

The start-up has already landed several major clients and partners, including Mediacom and Ogilvy & Mather China.

Source: Entreprenic

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