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Shifting Your TTO from a Technology-Driven to a Needs-Driven Model

By David Schwartz
Published: March 9th, 2016

Recognizing the limitations of the old technology-driven approach, a growing number of tech transfer offices are shifting to a needs-driven model that takes much of the luck out of the equation. Instead of passively waiting for disclosures and hoping to meet an uncertain industry need, they are proactively working with corporate partners and tech scouts — and with their own researchers — to discover industry needs and maneuver the direction of research to match those needs. As a result, their labs are producing innovations that are designed with the user/customer and the marketplace in mind, and the licensing process begins with a clear path and a licensee who’s already primed and ready to deal.

Making this shift, however, is no easy task. It requires a paradigm shift in how researchers and TTOs alike approach commercialization. To help you make this transition effectively, Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has recruited Joseph J. Kalinowski, Founding Principal at Trilogy Associates, to lead this important distance learning program: Shifting Your TTO from a Technology-Driven to a Needs-Driven Model , scheduled for March 30th.

Mr. Kalinowski will shares his experiences advising innovators how to advance needs-driven technologies, as well as his techniques and strategies for engaging users and collaborating with industry to identify their needs and communicate those needs to research teams.

For complete details and to register, CLICK HERE.


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