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Key Challenges in Drafting IP Licenses: Expert guidance on improvements, apportionment, and royalty audit terms

By David Schwartz
Published: July 6th, 2016

Carefully defining rights to improvements, IP valuation, and audit rights are three of the trickiest aspects of drafting license agreements that protect your organization from future disputes as well as reductions in revenue due to licensee interpretation of ambiguous contract language.

Careful drafting of these terms — using exacting language that leaves no room for error, omission, or re-interpretation — minimizes the chances of a host of future complications, including litigation, that can wreak havoc on your TTO’s relationships with partners and licensees.

With the release of the new distance learning collection Key Challenges in Drafting IP Licenses, Technology Transfer Tactics zeroes in on these three critical components of a license agreement: rights to improvements, calculation of apportionment and EMVR, and audit terms.

For complete details this three-session collection, CLICK HERE.

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