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How to develop eye-grabbing marketing content for your technology

In her recent blog post, Danielle McCulloch, vice president of IP management and tech transfer consulting firm Fuentek LLC, offers advice on how to effectively market your technologies.

“Grabbing the attention of busy decision makers is more challenging than ever,” writes McCulloch. These bits of advice are designed to help ensure that your target audience hears (or sees) your message, no matter what mode of communication you choose.

  1. First impressions matter, no matter the mechanism. Technology transfer offices (TTOs) should definitely use multiple mechanisms to market their technologies to a wide audience. But no matter what, remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make those initial messages count.
  2. Pay attention to how you arrange the content. It’s important to include background information such as what prompted the technology’s development or the market need, but you shouldn’t lead with this information. “Nowadays, you have just a sentence or two to hook readers before they move on to the next item in their search results,” says McCulloch. Given this, try starting with a straightforward description of the technology that explains what service or benefit it provides the users.
  3. Invest in good writing. A compelling, concise technology description by a skilled writer is much better than a techno-speak invention disclosure written by an inventor. Of course, there would be no technology to write about without the inventor. “But a writer skilled in the craft of technology marketing can present an invention — or, indeed any marketing message — in a way that resonates with the target audience,” McCulloch writes.
  4. Make it easy to scan. You can use formatting techniques that fit with today’s hurried pace of online reading. For example, you can use bullets that start with a bold tagline to guide readers to your central content. A straight set of paragraphs will probably be read less than a page that’s tightly and attractively formatted to get the message out loud and clear.
  5. Use eye images. “Whether it’s an online technology listing, a white paper, a blog post or even a tweet, images are always more likely to grab attention than just words,” says McCulloch. Even the most stellar writing will look flat at first glance without a good-looking image. If you don’t have your own photos, there are plenty of stock photo websites. Just find one that works for your purposes.
  6. Post the same content in multiple places. It’s most efficient to create one piece of good content for both your website and outside marketing portals. It’s important to note that most portals are database driven and therefore don’t lend themselves to visually appealing content. Make sure that the bullets and images you’ve integrated into your content appear on the portal page correctly.

Source: Fuentek

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