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2Market Information Inc. announces the launch of Industry-Sponsored Research Management, focused on attracting and managing corporate sponsorship agreements

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: February 1st, 2017

2Market Information Inc., publisher of TechnologyTransfer Tactics newsletter and Tech Transfer eNews, and producer of distance learning programs for technology transfer professionals, has announced the launch of Industry-Sponsored Research Management, the first and only how-to newsletter helping universities attract more corporate-sponsored research and manage those partnerships effectively.

This monthly publication is a single source of how-to, practical information focused squarely on providing industry-sponsored research managers with high-level strategies and best practices guaranteed to bring in more contracts, negotiate deals effectively, build lasting relationships with corporate sponsors, protect valuable intellectual property, and ensure airtight compliance practices.

“The squeeze on research funding from traditional government and other grant sources is something every university has been dealing with, and many have turned to lucrative industry-sponsored collaborations to replace or supplement that traditional funding,” says David Schwartz, 2Market Information’s CEO and publisher. “There are tens of millions of dollars involved, critical intellectual property issues, difficult contracting and negotiation challenges, and very tricky conflict of interest concerns – yet there has been a near-total absence of in-depth, practical coverage of these challenges. We aim to change that,” Schwartz states.

Charter subscribers to Industry-Sponsored Research Management will also receive a free distance learning collection, Best Practices in Forming and Managing Industry-University Partnerships. It includes three programs that tackle some of the toughest challenges faced in the industry-sponsored research arena.

For a free copy of the premiere issue, CLICK HERE or call 239-263-0605. For further information on the publication or to become a charter subscriber for just $297 (a $100 discount), plus receive the three-program distance learning collection Best Practices in Forming and Managing Industry-University Partnerships, CLICK HERE.

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