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UChicago spinoff uses social media to help trucking companies hire drivers

A University of Chicago start-up has unveiled its new, high-tech hiring system for the trucking industry.

Enlistics has won awards for its services matching people to jobs through social media. Now it’s expanding to help solve a turnover problem for trucking companies with Enlistics: Trucking, a service that collects applications, qualifies candidates and gauges the likelihood of a successful hire.

“It takes full employment histories on at least 1,500 truckers to ensure our predictions are sound, so we’re currently offering application management software at cost to help build our models,” says Enlistics founder and CEO Austen Mance.

While the software is in use, Enlistics gathers the historical data needed to ensure the accuracy of the predictive models. As it so happens, federal law requires all truck driving applicants to provide 10 years of work history.

The company’s most recent product using the same technology targets car dealerships looking to fill sales positions and reduce turnover. Enlistics analyzes applicants’ social media activity and flags phrases that correlate either with success or failure, based on historical employment data. Bad phrases, for example, include “I’m sick of…” or “I’m so drunk.”

“You’d be surprised how many applicants we find who post something somewhere like that, and it’s just a red flag,” says Mance. “Sales professionals always have to be on; whiners need not apply.”

Enlistics was the winner of UChicago’s 2014 College New Venture Challenge, a start-up competition for undergrads run by the university’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Source: CCJ

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