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U of Arizona start-up licenses technology to improve mine health and safety conditions

A start-up out of the University of Arizona (UA) has licensed a technology that could improve health and safety among mining workers.

UA start-up GUIA is working to commercialize the innovation known as SMART (Systems for Managing Advanced Response Technology), which features sensors that can detect and report on the air quality in mines, ground stabilization, the location and body temperature of workers, and other factors. SMART also enables real-time communication across all mining operations.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration, there were 430 deaths from mining accidents over the past decade. SMART co-inventor Moe Momayez notes that the costs associated with a single mining accident can be devastating, sometimes reaching over $5 million per incident.

“GUIA is the only company on the market addressing this serious issue by offering a single, integrated technology,” says Momayez. “SMART Suite is at the vanguard of today’s available technologies to monitor mine environment [and] worker health, reduce operational risk and improve safety.”


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