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U of Wolverhampton start-up is turning a treatment for alcoholism into an anti-cancer drug

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: February 7th, 2018

The University of Wolverhampton in England and steel company Caparo are investing in a start-up that has repurposed a treatment for alcoholism to fight cancer.

The start-up Disulfican is based on research by U of Wolverhampton professor Weiguang Wang, who has amplified the anti-cancer qualities of the drug Disulfiram.

Originally designed to treat alcoholism, the drug has shown strong anti-cancer activity in the lab, but its application in cancer clinical testing has been stunted by its short half-life in the blood stream, where it breaks down and loses its cancer-fighting properties.

Disulfican has succeeded in prolonging the drug’s half-life by encapsulating it within a poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) nano-particle and transporting it to the tumor site, where it is released.

The company aims to launch an international research collaboration to advance the drug to regulatory standards and test its safety and efficacy. Disulfican hopes to begin Phase I clinical trials in 2020. Through their investments, both Caparo and U of Wolverhampton will have shares in the start-up.

Source: Insider Media Limited

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