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Tel Aviv U researcher partners with TheraCann to help track and regulate legal cannabis products

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: February 21st, 2018

A researcher at Tel Aviv University in Israel is helping to commercialize a technology that tracks the authenticity and safety of products in the legal cannabis industry.

Researcher Dan Weinthal is collaborating with TheraCann International Benchmark Corporation, a provider of solutions for the global cannabis marketplace, to create an effective forensic tool for use throughout the cannabis supply chain that provides a link between the authenticity of goods and the authenticity of digital transactions.

“The future of the cannabis marketplace is in transforming the black-market system to legal and regulated sources,” says Chris Bolton, chief operating officer at TheraCann. “True traceability, including the ability to track products from cultivation, extraction and derivative processing into edibles or other forms, will provide a clear method to eliminate black market products from entering the regulated marketplace.

“Beyond the obvious cost savings in enforcement and diversion control, the consumer should be protected from harmful or even dangerous products entering the market, the retailer should be protected in the event of recall or product deficiencies, and the government or regulatory body should have the confidence to know with certainty that a product produced from a licensed facility is the same product that is ultimately sold to consumers,” adds Bolton.

“This is an exciting time for this industry,” Weinthal comments. “The ability to partner with a leading technology firm like TeraCann allows this science to innovate faster to deliver new products and solutions to protect legal cannabis markets worldwide.”

Source: Markets Insider

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