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Nice University Hospital enters research agreement to identify lung imaging biomarkers using AI

By David Schwartz
Published: April 17th, 2018

Paris-based imaging company Median Technologies and the Nice University Hospital signed a collaborative research agreement under which artificial intelligence tools will be used to identify medical imaging biomarkers for lung cancer screening.

As part of the collaboration, medical imaging data from the AIR study — a French, multicenter cohort study led by Nice Hospital involving more than 600 high-risk patients screened for lung cancer — will be analyzed to identify and characterize pulmonary nodules visible in thoracic CT scans. Using AI-based deep learning methods, Median hopes to develop new algorithms to identify imaging biomarkers that indicate pulmonary nodule malignancy.

While current CT scans enable many pulmonary abnormalities to be identified, post-treatment imaging technologies do not allow for an automatic, accurate way to differentiate malignancies from benign lesions. Lung nodule biopsies, which are invasive and carry a risk of complications, are needed to confirm a diagnosis. By using medical imaging biomarkers, clinicians could reduce unnecessary biopsies and more accurately diagnose patients.

“Early detection of lung cancer is of paramount importance if we want to lessen mortality of this disease,” says Charles Marquette, coordinator of clinical teams in the AIR study. Early detection is a critical factor in lung cancer outcomes, Marquette adds, but large scale chest CT scanning is expensive and has a high harm to benefit ratio, and thus is not covered by most insurers.

The research team will be working to develop “a multimodal approach to lung cancer screening, including refinement of screening criteria (e.g. focus on COPD), non-invasive biomarkers and use of Artificial Intelligence to better characterize chest CT findings.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Nice University Hospital,” says Median’s chief technology officer Peter Bannister. “This collaboration illustrates the fundamental contribution of artificial intelligence in the field of health, and more particularly in medical imaging. Today, many pulmonary biopsies are performed unnecessarily; artificial intelligence is going to make imaging, which represents non-invasive and less expensive procedures, an improved therapeutic decision-making tool.”

Source: Business Wire

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