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UK NHS and Diagmed aim to commercialize new method of removing polyps to prevent bowel cancer

Researchers at the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), in collaboration with Diagmed Healthcare, have developed an improved method to mark and remove polyps in the colon.

Polyps can be an early sign of bowel cancer. Current methods of detecting and removing them via colonoscopy involve dyeing the polyps so that surgeons can tell that the entire polyp has been removed.

“The bowel wall is very thin,” says Brian Saunders, NHS researcher and inventor of the new method, known as Deep Blue. “Polyp lifting solutions create a safety cushion so that we can cut into the wall to remove polyps and early cancers without causing bowel perforation.”

Compared to current solutions, Deep Blue lifts the polyps further and may lead to more accurate diagnoses, safer colonoscopies and polyp removals, and a reduced risk of incomplete procedures.

Diagmed will be the exclusive distributor of Deep Blue internationally. The technology agreement was arranged by Imperial Innovations, a tech transfer company based at the Imperial College London.

“Deep Blue is a prime example of clinical innovation combining with commercial development to create a viable solution to a healthcare challenge,” says Manish Patel, head of NHS technology transfer at Imperial Innovations.

Source: Imperial Innovations

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