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Create two versions of your pitch deck, and save the full version meeting day

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: June 27th, 2018

In his recent post for Inc., Mark Suster, managing partner at Upfront Ventures, says start-ups getting ready to pitch an investor should lay the groundwork first by sending a briefer version of the deck they’ll use on meeting day.

The abbreviated yet visually compelling “teaser” pitch deck will allow investors to quickly determine their fit with your company and provide a great stepping stone to the in-person presentation. It should include who you are, what you do, why you and your mission are unique, why the market opportunity is promising, and what defensible intellectual property you have built that allows you to be a leader in the market.

“You want to send just enough to get the meeting,” he writes, “and not so long that you don’t leave a chance to wow the person in your actual meeting.”

The teaser deck helps ensure that, once you make it to the meeting, the investor will be more prepared to discuss the merits of your business and you will get more value out of the meeting.

The pitch deck you show investors in person should expand on the contents of your teaser deck, including a more complete description of the market problem, a deeper look at your solution, how much you’re raising and what you are doing with the funding, the future vision of your company, and more information about your progress to date.

“You want to develop a ‘narrative’ that holds the reader’s attention and helps shape the company into context,” Suster writes.

After the meeting, he recommends following up with a thank-you e-mail containing the full pitch deck. If you the meeting seemed positive, you could also ask for a second meeting or to meet with some of the investor’s portfolio companies if you think your solution may be relevant to them as potential customers.

Source: Inc.

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