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UNeMed launches weekly podcast on tech transfer, research commercialization

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: July 25th, 2018

UNeMed, the commercialization arm of the University of Nebraska and University of Nebraska Medical Center, has released the pilot episode of a planned podcast series called “Innovation Overground.” New episodes in the series will be published on Mondays.

The series was created to help promote academic innovation, tech transfer, and commercialization efforts at the University of Nebraska. The podcast intends to examine what it takes to advance academic inventions from the research lab into products in the marketplace.

“We really want to tell the untold stories of innovation,” said Joe Runge, one of the podcasts’ three co-hosts and UNeMed’s business development manager. “We see these stories every day, and they’re a really interesting and fun way to show people how universities — not just Nebraska — are working to improve our lives.”

Runge is joined on the podcast by UNeMed licensing associate Tyler Scherr, PhD, and communications specialist Charlie Litton. The podcast is currently available on iTunes and Google Play Music, with access via Spotify coming after the third episode, then via iHeartRadio after the fifth episode.

In the first episode, which runs about 17 minutes, the co-hosts banter about common “myths” associated with tech transfer. They also discuss the idea of moving publicly funded research into marketable products, and point out that innovation doesn’t have to be a big idea to make a life-altering impact.

“I think what’s great about this project are the fun little nuggets we find about the innovations we discuss,” said Scherr. “This isn’t going to be a weekly innovation infomercial. Our goal here is to make these podcasts less ‘ShamWow!’ and more VH-1’s ‘Behind the Music.’”

All podcasts are expected to run about 15 minutes, and the hosts said they plan to explore topics beyond Nebraska innovations.

“We could make this about just Nebraska or UNMC or even just UNeMed,” Runge said. “But then that wouldn’t be very interesting to very many people. What is interesting is finding those stories and telling them in a compelling way.”

Source: UNeMed

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