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Licensing Officer, UMASS Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts


Licensing Officer, UMASS Medical School, Worcester, Massachusetts


Under the general direction of the Executive Director of the Office of Technology Management (OTM) or designee, the Licensing Officer is responsible for identifying, evaluating and licensing inventions in the fields of the physical and biological sciences created by the researchers at the Medical School. In addition, the Licensing Officer will work closely with a variety of individuals, including researchers, industry representatives, and intellectual property attorneys to analyze and summarize technical and scientific information throughout the licensing process.


  • Negotiate license agreements and prepare and complete other agreements, including materials transfer, sponsored research, inter-institutional, and confidentiality agreements.
  • The Licensing Officer will work with researchers to evaluate their technology for possible start-up. This will include preparing business plans, doing presentations for possible investors, and negotiating equity clauses
  • Negotiate Center Management Agreements with large healthcare service companies.
  • Work with UMASS Counsel to decide complex legal issues relating to the various agreements negotiated in the Office of Technology Management.
  • Work with the Office of Research in reviewing and drafting intellectual property provisions in Clinical Study Agreements
  • Perform other duties as required.


  • Master’s degree in a biological science, or equivalent experience
  • 5 years of related experience in an academic technology licensing office
  • Highly motivated with proven ability to work within both a business and academic environment. Demonstrated broad knowledge in the biological sciences through academic study and/or industrial experience
  • Experience in identifying and commercializing technology
  • Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Must possess advanced computer skills, including knowledge of databases and preparation of Powerpoint presentations
  • Ability to handle multiple complex assignments


  • Phd/MD Highly desirable

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