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Technology Transfer Tactics, August 2018 Issue

Technology Transfer Tactics, August 2018 IssueThe following is a list of the articles that appear in the August 2018 issue of Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter. If you are already a current subscriber click here to log in and access your issue. Not a subscriber already? Subscribe now and get access to this issue as well as access to our online archive of back issues, industry research reports, sample MTAs, legal opinions, sample forms and contracts, government documents and more!

Technology Transfer Tactics
Vol. 12, No. 8, August 2018

  • Fine tune your technology briefs to avoid missed opportunities. Constructing the technology briefs used to market new innovations may seem like a simple enough task. Ideally, these are short write-ups designed to get the attention of interested suitors. But too many TTOs are failing to prioritize this basic but highly important function. As a result, promising technologies that really should have a shot at getting licensed may never get a look from potential licensees.
  • Chart helps guide TTOs in compliance with new Bayh-Dole revisions. The language of government regulations can be difficult to understand, and the recent updates to the Bayh-Dole regulations are no exception. To help TTO executives wade through them, and more importantly, ensure they comply with the new requirements, Tyson Benson, an attorney with the law firm of Harness Dickey, has created an easy to follow chart summarizing the actions required.
  • Entrepreneurship programs increasing their focus on job placement. While university entrepreneurship programs and the creation of start-ups would seem to go hand in hand, some recent research indicates universities may be making a more valuable contribution to the ecosystem through job creation than through generating start-ups.
  • Macquarie U takes on faculty engagement, introduces “Impact Canvas.” Engaging your faculty in the tech transfer process and bringing their expertise to bear on developing a commercialization plan are tall orders for every TTO. But those efforts can pay off handsomely, as they have at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.
  • New structure at U Alaska generates improvements in disclosures, start-ups. What’s behind the dramatic improvement at The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) since 2011? A complete shift in focus and creative new strategies under the guidance of Helena Wisniewski, PhD, FNAI, vice provost for research and graduate studies and chief research officer.

Posted August 16th, 2018