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Rayence sets up industry-academia research center with Yonsei University

By David Schwartz
Published: October 16th, 2018

South Korean x-ray equipment maker Rayence and Yonsei University have signed a joint research agreement to develop a next-generation sensor technology within a new jointly operated research center.

The Center for Advanced sensor Research & Innovation (CARI) will host collaborative projects between various research teams from the university and Rayence. The company aims to get both research on technology trends and joint R&D in a variety of key areas including design of industrial x-ray detectors and clinical imaging applications.

The agreement will help Rayence continue to develop image-assisted detectors for radiation cancer therapy as well as new technologies such as high-resolution and high-speed x-ray detectors designed for in-line industrial inspection systems.

“Through CARI, we plan to develop a next-generation high-performance detector technology that can be practically applied to the market,” said Professor Chae Young-cheol of the Department of Electronics, who will serve as CARI’s first director. “To do so, we need close cooperation between Yonsei University and Rayence.”

Added Rayence CEO Kim Tae-woo: “With the cooperation from Yonsei University, the company expects to gain a competitive edge in the detection market by applying cutting-edge technologies.”

Source: Korea Biomedical Review

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