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New class of porous liquid may offer carbon capture solution

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: October 24th, 2018

A start-up launched by researchers at Queen’s University in Belfast and the University of Liverpool has developed a new class of liquid materials that could prove groundbreaking in the fight to contain climate change.

Porous Liquid Technologies aims to commercialize “problem-solving liquids” that contain microscopic cavities the size of a single molecule. These porous liquids contain up to 10,000 times the number of cavities that are found in other liquids, and up to 20% of the porous liquid is empty space.

According to the start-up’s co-founders Stuart James of Queen’s University and Andy Cooper of the University of Liverpool, the liquids could help solve challenges such as carbon capture because they can absorb large amounts of gas.

“They have tremendous opportunities because one of their major benefits is that they can be circulated, which means they can be used for many applications, from purifying natural gas to reducing the costs associated with carbon capture and the purification process of biogas,” says James.

Both Queen’s University and the University of Liverpool are backing Porous Liquid Technologies.

Source: Irish Times

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