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Industry-Sponsored Research Management, November 2018

Industry-Sponsored Research Management, November 2018The following is a list of the articles that appear in the November 2018 issue of Industry-Sponsored Research Management monthly newsletter. 

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Industry-Sponsored Research Management
Vol. 2, No. 11, November 2018

  • Brown U develops new model for ‘scalable’ industry engagement. An industry-university relationship — like a human to human relationship — is ideally something that runs deep and lasts a long time. So, the best way to build a good industry-university relationship may be to model that relationship on human relationships. Start small, get to know each other, and then gradually scale-up to the ideal relationship. The Office of Industry Engagement & Commercial Venturing at Brown University is building a model for industry engagement using this scale-up concept.
  • BASF shares key elements of success in multi-institutional collaborations. BASF has a long history of collaborations with academia around the globe, but its research deals in the U.S. have been relatively far and few between despite a surfeit of leading chemistry research institutions. To address this gap, BASF executives with personal ties to Harvard professors started a dialogue that laid the foundation for the company’s multidisciplinary, strategic collaborations with American universities.
  • How to make the most of campus visits from corporate partners. At the recent UIDP 27 gathering in Chicago, Sacha Patera, PhD, senior managing director for corporation relationships at Dartmouth College, led a discussion about how to maximize the outcomes of in-person visits between university and corporate partners. Patera represented a group which will ultimately publish a guide on these best practices for UIDP, but as she and the other members of the group ISRM interviewed noted, their comments for this article are not an “official” stance, but rather their individual thoughts on how to optimize these visits, flavored of course with the feedback each of them have shared to date.
  • Humana, U Houston partner on new med school in bid to boost population health. It may not be all that unique for a medical school and a corporation to collaborate, but this one’s a little different; you see, this medical school has not even opened yet (the inaugural class will begin study in the fall of 2020).
  • With industry help, UConn creates state-of-the-art park for collaborative research. When universities and industry enter into research collaborations, the partnerships may typically involve a single researcher or research team, with the research taking place at the lab where the project got its beginnings. But the University of Connecticut is thinking much, much bigger than that.

Posted November 13th, 2018