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Algoma University launches new research and innovation hub for industry collaboration

By David Schwartz
Published: December 18th, 2018

Ontario’s Algoma University announced the launch of its Experiential Learning Hub last week, designed to facilitate collaborative research among students, faculty and employers.

The goal of the new hub is to align the university’s research talent with the private sector and government organizations in order to further grow the city’s talent pool, while also boosting the school’s chances of receiving external research funding.

“We know that northern Ontario absolutely needs more companies to establish here, and the way to move companies forward is through added value that comes from a knowledge-based economy, and you need to develop new products using advanced knowledge, so that they can have those innovations that can sell,” said Dr. Pedro Antunes, an associate biology professor who also serves as the executive research lead for Algoma University. “So that’s what we’re here for — to train people that can do that [and] have the kind of critical thinking skills that can move companies forward.”

Some companies — Algoma Power, Lallemand Plant Care and Algoma Steel Inc. — are already working in partnership with the university on research projects.

 “Everybody wins with something like this in the community,” Antunes said. “The university wins, because we are able to have faculty that is getting in funds — allowing them to do more research — which is what they’re already passionate about.”

He added: “The students gain because they are learning by doing, and have access to resources, externally funded research, that otherwise they wouldn’t have, and the community also gains because they have access to a pool of talent that could work for them eventually.”

Source: SOO Today

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