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Technology Commercialization Fellow, University of Minnesota Technology Commercialization office




Graduate or professional degree (PhD, DDS, DVM, MD, JD or equivalent)
BS degree in biological or physical sciences, engineering or technology
Understanding of the academic research environment


Strong verbal and written communication skills
Demonstrated teamwork, collaboration and partnering skills
Demonstrated experience explaining technical topics to a lay person and/or audience

About the Job

Tech Comm offers a unique opportunity for those with an advanced degree who are interested in technology commercialization, intellectual property and business development to gain valuable experience in technology transfer, marketing and licensing. The Technology Commercialization Fellow will work closely with the Senior Marketing Manager and Technology Licensing Officers to market and license technologies as well as facilitate industry research partnerships. The position will provide tuition benefits and the flexibility to pursue an MBA, if of interest, while working at Tech Comm.

Position Responsibilities


● Maintain marketing and licensing website.
● Produce content for the marketing and licensing website.
● Respond to inquiries from licensees and potential licensees in a timely manner.
● Assist in the development of and support alternate marketing and licensing channels for research tools.
● Investigate and support new marketing tools such as social media, podcasts, videos, etc.
● Facilitate technology listings and marketing via third party platforms.
● Promote available technologies to potential licensees.
● Work with Licensing Officers to develop and execute marketing campaigns. Identify and implement efficient and cost-effective ways to target a wider audience.


● Assist with management and execution of online licensing transactions.
● Gather market intelligence (e.g. market size, competition, regulatory requirements) and develop business case for select technologies.
● Collect “Voice of Customer” feedback on specific technologies.
● Identify and implement alternate licensing channels.

Industry Research Partnerships

● Assist with the development of workshops, information guides and other resources (e.g. website) for researchers.
● Facilitate company-researcher meetings.
● Assist with the development of marketing materials to promote research partnerships to industry.
● Assist with the review of intellectual property terms in sponsored research agreements.

Other Duties as Assigned

Similar to others in the Licensing, Strategy and Venture groups, the Technology Commercialization Fellow may be requested or volunteer to be involved in other projects or temporary assignments. Examples include but are not limited to:

● Attendance at trade shows and conferences
● Documentation of processes, best practices and standard operating procedures
● Presenting at entrepreneurial seminars for faculty and graduate students.
● Participation in technology project teams and support of technology commercialization programs (e.g. MIN-Corps)
● Benchmarking activities

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About the Department

The Technology Commercialization Fellow position is part of the Technology Commercialization (Tech Comm) office at the University of Minnesota. We help University research move beyond the lab and into the marketplace. Our mission includes:

● Connecting researchers with companies
● Licensing technology for development of new products and services that benefit the public good
● Fostering economic growth
● Generating revenue that supports the University’s research and education goals

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