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Licensing Officer/Assistant Director of Licensing; Engineering, Physical and Applied Sciences, University of Pennsylvania Penn Center for Innovation


Position Duties:

The Licensing Officer/Assistant Director, Physical Sciences Licensing, will be a dedicated team member of the Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) within the Engineering, Physical and Applied Sciences Office and will report to the Director, PCI Director, Physical Sciences Licensing. The Licensing Officer/Assistant Director will assume primary responsibility for directly facilitating the technology transfer, development and commercialization of assigned technologies from faculty/departmental clients; assisting designated School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) researchers with the establishment of new commercialization agreements and business development relationships; supporting the establishment of R&D collaborations with industry partners to advance early stage discoveries; and managing relationships with key stakeholders internal and external to Penn to proactively enable technology transfer. The Licensing Officer/Assistant Director will provide quality services including invention receipt and capture, patentability assessment, market outreach (in-depth marketing support strategic and tactical), business development (structuring, drafting and negotiating commercialization agreements) and shall deliver the highest quality of customer service. The Licensing Officer/Assistant Director will also be a devoted team player who strongly supports the efforts of both the Engineering, Physical and Applied Sciences Office as well as the entire PCI organization.


Licensing Officer, Physical Sciences Licensing: M.S. required, Ph.D. in a physical sciences discipline preferred; experience in university technology transfer preferred.

Assistant Director Physical Sciences Licensing: M.S. required, Ph.D. in a physical sciences discipline preferred plus 3-5 years related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience

Both positions:

  • This person must be a dedicated team player, have outstanding customer service skills, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, demonstrated technical skills and interest in business, and must be able to interact effectively in academic and corporate cultures.
  • This person should be knowledgeable of intellectual property and licensing practices, proficient at multitasking and be an independent self-starter with a strong work ethic.
  • This person must be able to manage and prioritize a large and diverse set of relationships, tasks and projects, and to be able to identify and manage inventions in fields outside of their area of technical expertise.
  • A successful track record of working in both academic and corporate environments is preferred.
  • Strong negotiation skills are desired along with the ability to excel in a relatively independent and flexible work environment.

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