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Technology Transfer Tactics, February 2019 Issue

Technology Transfer Tactics, February 2019 IssueThe following is a list of the articles that appear in the February 2019 issue of Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter. If you are already a current subscriber click here to log in and access your issue. Not a subscriber already? Subscribe now and get access to this issue as well as access to our online archive of back issues, industry research reports, sample MTAs, legal opinions, sample forms and contracts, government documents and more!

Technology Transfer Tactics
Vol. 13, No. 2, February 2019

  • Litigation financing can be a ‘no brainer’ for some university patents. With a typical patent lawsuit costing several million dollars to litigate, with no guarantee of recovering that or any more compensation, the idea of having someone else pony up the money can be appealing to any university. For smaller schools that have limited resources but could benefit from the protection of their patents, the appeal is even greater.
  • UC-Santa Cruz digitizes disclosures, NDAs and MTAs to boost faculty service. About one year ago Jeffrey M. Jackson, MS, JD, director of intellectual property management for the University of California at Santa Cruz, implemented a digitized online form for invention disclosures. Since then, 66 invention disclosures have been submitted; prior to last year, he says, the average number of disclosures per year was 44 — a full 50% increase.
  • Total compliance with Bayh-Dole assignments must be goal. The recent update in federal regulations regarding Bayh-Dole compliance has some university TTO leaders wondering just how much is enough when it comes to getting faculty inventors to sign over their intellectual property.
  • U Saskatchewan takes fast and simple approach to licensing. The University of Saskatchewan’s “Fast License,” is the latest entry in the bandwagon among TTOs offering simplified licenses with very favorable contract terms, making a wager that it will be more beneficial in the long run to have many licenses at a lower royalty than just a few at a higher rate.
  • TTO directors share their offices’ goals for 2019. Each time a new year rolls around, it’s a chance to make assessments of past progress and to set goals and resolutions for the upcoming months. We wanted to learn what tech transfer directors had established as their office goals for the upcoming year, and how they planned to meet those objectives.
  • Kentucky’s C3 initiative brings shared tech transfer services statewide. The state of Kentucky — led by its two biggest universities — is launching an unprecedented effort to combine and share tech transfer resources among all the state’s schools in a bid to magnify the impact of research commercialization and “raise all boats.”

Posted February 19th, 2019