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Director of Strategic Initiatives ~ UIDP


Position: Director – Strategic Initiatives   

Reports To: UIDP President

Date:  April 26, 2019

About UIDP:

The UIDP, Inc ( is a member-based, project-oriented, non-profit organization that helps universities and industry develop new approaches to working together. We provide our members with strategies to increase their success of university and industry (U-I) collaborations and research projects. UIDP is comprised of some of the finest innovation companies and best research universities in the world, representing a broad cross-section of industry sectors, organizations and academic institutions. A complete list can be found on our website.

Position Summary:

This is an extraordinary opportunity for a candidate with the right background and understanding of the job to make a major contribution in advancing UIDP’s initiatives and provide benefit to the members.  Through being an active contributor, the candidate is afforded the opportunity to develop personal and professional  growth and satisfaction.

The UIDP is a leader in advancing academic-corporate partnerships and is currently completing its current’s strategic plan phase and about to enter a new one.  As UIDP’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, you work with others to achieve our goals as identified through these planning efforts.  The successful candidate will also monitor contemporary issues affecting collaborations between the sectors and propose high impact initiatives to advance the UIDP’s mission.  

Additionally, this role will provide critical support to key processes including, but not limited to, program development and support, new business development, and data reporting and analysis.

The Director of Strategic Initiatives develops, oversees and helps implement programs and projects that support the UIDP’s vision and short- and long-term plans. The successful candidate will work closely with other UIDP staff to monitor progress and correct course when necessary, as well as, embrace ongoing learning.

Primary Functions and Basic Responsibilities:

  • Accountable for strategic initiatives and their execution including:
  • Identify new program opportunities based on the candidate’s understanding of contemporary university-industry matters.
  • Identify non-recurring funding opportunities that advance the UIDP’s mission.
  • Develop grant applications and other documents and presentations. 
  • Write cogent, high impact reports that demonstrate an understanding of the UIDP’s operational areas.
  • Expand network with relevant academic, corporate, and government representatives and help UIDP build its brand globally.
  • Pursue stronger alignment with the international community in support of the UIDP mission and goals.
  • Promote UIDP’s current initiatives and learnings to our internal and external communities.

Desired leadership skills and qualities:

  • Demonstrate and promote leadership courage by doing what is right. Instill confidence in associates and customers.
  • Dealing with ambiguity: Demonstrate agility and action orientation when facing change and uncertainty. Effectively manage change and instill confidence.
  • Influence others: Intuitively and quickly assess people and situations and act accordingly. Demonstrate strong persuasion and timing skills.
  • Conduct and encourage frequent formal and informal communication within the group to ensure full engagement and efficient operation.
  • Act as mentor for staff to provide valuable feedback, insight and support, while passing down wisdom and institutional knowledge.
  • Ability to work across multiple cultures and bridge gap between various UIDP constituencies. (Industry, Academe and Government)

Position Requirements:

  • 4-7 years of relevant research, commercialization or professional business experience
  • Preference for candidates possessing some background/understanding of U-I collaborations; experience in university or corporate strategy driving change initiatives is highly desirable
  • Demonstrated ability to lead initiatives and independently identify, prioritize and successfully advocate for opportunities to drive growth or improve operating performance
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and execute deep analysis that drives program improvement, growth opportunity identification, strategy development or technology decision making
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to use sound, independent reasoning, and judgment to establish work priorities and be flexible to respond to constantly changing priorities and shifting deadlines in a fast-paced working environment
  • Comprehension of computer skills & knowledge
  • Advanced degree in a STEM discipline preferred

Additional Requirements:

  • Strong relationship builder
  • Strong organizational skills and demonstrated capacity to develop and implement practical strategies, plans, and solutions to identified issues and problems.
  • Ability to work well with supervisors, co-workers, board members and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to work independently and to undertake supervisory responsibilities as needed.
  • Candidate must be willing to work with others in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation in support of the UIDP’s mission.
  • Occasional travel (10%)

Job Type: Full-time, Exempt

Location:  Columbia, SC

Salary:  $80 – 110K                        

Benefits:  Full range of benefits (dental, health, and retirement) are provided.

Please submit your resume to  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.