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‘Analytics at Wharton’ initiative combines teaching, research, and industry engagement

By David Schwartz
Published: May 14th, 2019

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania announced the establishment of ‘Analytics at Wharton,’ thanks to a $15 anonymous donation creating the Data Science and Business Analytics Fund.

The initiative will combine teaching, research, and industry engagement efforts that use big data to improve decision-making and generate actionable business insights.

“In the 21st century, leaders will increasingly use data and analytics to develop insights that will help them make better decisions and become better leaders. The creation of Analytics at Wharton demonstrates our commitment to using big data to transform how business is done,” said Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett. “This gives us the opportunity to expand our analytics research, curriculum, and industry engagement to respond to the enormous interest from our students, our faculty, and business at large in championing the responsible use of data to benefit society.”

Reflecting the importance of the Analytics at Wharton initiative, the school is creating a new senior leadership position, the Vice Dean for Analytics. Stepping into that role will be Eric T. Bradlow, the professor of marketing, economics, education, and statistics and the chair of Wharton’s marketing department. Bradlow is also the co-founder of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative.

The new fund will support opportunities to expand the impact of big data analytics on areas as diverse as sports and entertainment, healthcare and medicine, and network science and the media. The school sees major opportunities for the effort being created by unprecedented volumes of digital, numerical and text-based data.

“At Wharton, our teaching and research define the cutting edge in using data analysis to inform decision-making,” said Professor Bradlow. “Our students and faculty are applying these methods in real time to real problems, meeting the growing needs of organizations seeking talented people who can turn raw data into actionable business intelligence.”

Analytics at Wharton will combine five existing programs:

  • Customer Analytics, which focuses on business intelligence for companies centered around granular customer-level data;
  • Penn Wharton Budget Model, providing economic analysis of public policy’s fiscal impact;
  • People Analytics, which uses data to help organizations make smarter human hiring decisions
  • Wharton Neuroscience, a technology development effort focused on collecting and analyzing behavioral data at the nexus of business and brain science;
  • Wharton Research Data Services, a research platform and business intelligence tool used by corporate, academic, governmental, and non-profit clients.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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