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Determination of Royalty Rates for Technology Licensing

By Jesse Schwartz
Published: May 15th, 2019

Determination of Royalty Rates for Technology is packed with in-depth, expert information to help you determine an appropriate royalty rate for your specific technology. You’ll find straightforward descriptions and guidance on different models used in calculating royalty rates and valuation. With this 42-page resource you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive review of surveys, data analysis, rules of thumb, profit differential methods and discounted cash flow analysis for determining an appropriate royalty rate for technologies.
  • Guidance on the impact on royalty rates associated with exclusivity, minimum royalty payments, upfront license fees, naked patents, and royalty rates for trade secrets.
  • Examples of various methods used to establish a royalty rate range for use in licensing negotiations
  • Royalty rate ranges and benchmarks in specific technology sectors

This valuable reference is packed with tables and graphics, data analysis, and how-to information on calculating royalty rates for your technologies. For complete details and to order, CLICK HERE.

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