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Matchmaking for University Start-Up Leadership: Laying the Groundwork for Harmonious CEO/Faculty Founder Relationships

By David Schwartz
Published: June 4th, 2019

The path to finding an experienced business leader who is capable and willing to take a university start-up forward is not an easy one. The early promise of strong leadership can be severely undercut, or even severed, by conflicts with the scientific founder of the venture. Why? Because the two leaders may have different visions or expectations for the company, or they may butt heads over key personnel, operational, or financial decisions. Whatever the underlying issue, these all-too-common conflicts pose a significant risk for the new company that your university has invested precious dollars and time into.

How can this situation be avoided or remedied? Experts agree that laying the groundwork for a more harmonious leadership match very early in the business development stage is critical. Defining needs and expectations, equity shares, exit strategies, and the benefits each role brings to the success of the business — coupled with a healthy reality check of each leader’s strengths and weaknesses — can go a long way to ensuring collegiality and, ultimately, success.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics’ is teaming up for this practical and strategy-filled webinar with Joy Goswami, Assistant Director of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships in the Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships at the University of Delaware: Matchmaking for University Start-Up Leadership: Laying the Groundwork for Harmonious CEO/Faculty Founder Relationships, scheduled for next Tuesday, July 11th. Joy will rely on his many years of experience in guiding start-ups and their leadership teams to deliver practical guidance with dozens of take-home strategies. For complete details and to register, CLICK HERE.


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