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Bridg and Japanese tech giant Tokyo Electron become strategic partners

By David Schwartz
Published: July 16th, 2019

Kissimmee-based Bridg, an organization serving the fabrication needs of universities and other groups in Florida in their efforts to commercialize microelectronics technologies, has formed a strategic partnership with Japanese electronics and semiconductor firm Tokyo Electron Ltd. to develop tool and process technology. The partnership is expected to create up to 200 high-wage jobs in the region.

“They already are interested in tapping into the Central Florida workforce,” said Dan Holladay, executive director of operations and technology programs at Bridg, a non-profit co-founded by the University of Central Florida. “Our job is to help companies and institutes take technologies from the lab to the map.”

“Tokyo Electron provides additional capabilities for our respective customers faster than we could have done so without the partnership,” said Bridg CEO Chester Kennedy. “It was critical to both parties that we structure the agreement so that it also adds value for our customers and stakeholders, and I’m excited that this partnership will be a win-win collaboration.”

Bridg operates a 109,000-square-feet manufacturing facility with 60,000 square feet of cleanroom laboratory and manufacturing space. It offer production process technologies, R&D capabilities, and 200mm microelectronics fabrication geared toward system miniaturization, device integration, hardware security and product development targeting the aerospace/defense industry as well as the Internet of Things/artificial intelligence sector.  

The partnership aims to drive 200mm processing technology to the next level, with the first joint project delving into nanotechnology through the formulation of an atomic layer deposition tool.

“From Tokyo Electron’s perspective, we see Bridg as a strategic partner for 200mm research and development,” said Alexander Oscilowski, president of Tokyo Electron Ltd. Technology Center of America. “We see that market as growing very dramatically and having lots of technology challenges, as well as lots of business opportunities.”

That 200mm processing technology will lay the groundwork for developing integrated components needed to generate AI, 5G, and IoT innovations that could have applications in health care, robotics, and the automotive industry. “We’re taking a very long-term view and approach,” Oscilowski said.

During the next decade, Bridg expects to catalyze up to 5,000 tech-related jobs in Central Florida, said director of marketing and community relations Gloria LeQuang. The partnership with Tokyo Electron, which took two years to secure, will help reach that goal, she added.

Along with UCF, other notable partners in Bridg include Florida Polytechnic University, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and the U.S. Economic Development Administration. One of its largest commercial partners, L3Harris, is valued at $33.5 billion.

Tokyo Electron is is the third-largest semiconductor maker in the world.

Source: Orlando Business Journal

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